Dress Code

DRESS REGULATIONS: The dress regulations have been formed to achieve a satisfactory standard. Members and guests are expected to interpret the regulations in a common sense manner and to avoid any attire which may be challenged and cause embarrassment.

MEN: Shirts with collars, approved trousers or shorts with walk socks or approved sport socks, golf shoes or approved footwear. Tailored trousers, slacks, shorts (of suitable length) and dress jeans are acceptable. Sport socks should be predominately white. No hat to be worn in the bar. Not Permitted: Abbreviated shorts, football type shorts, track suits or poor quality jeans, singlet tops and T-shirts with advertising larger than pocket size; no football type socks. Shoes must be worn at all times – no thongs, work boots or bare feet.

LADIES: Shirts or blouses, slacks, skirts, fashion shorts (of suitable length) with golf shoes or approved sports footwear. Not Permitted: Brief sports shorts or skirts, track suits, parachute pants or poor quality jeans. Note: At all times the judgement of the Secretary/Manager or the Committee will be final